Beachner Grain is a leading supplier of quality seed, bulk fertilizers and crop protection products, throughout eastern Kansas and northeast Oklahoma. As a leading full-service agronomy retailer, we provide value-added support that goes far beyond the product lines and services we offer.

Our agronomy team has worked hard to become the premier source for agronomic expertise. We build strong relationships with our customers by providing local data, product recommendations and the newest innovations in ag technology to help you improve your operation’s output and profitability.

Agronomy Services

Our lineup of products and services includes:

Seed, fertilizers and crop protection products
Custom application and equipment rental

A dedicated team of experienced agronomy professionals

Field recommendations and scouting
Precision ag technology and support


If you’re not currently working with a Beachner Grain professional, we would appreciate the opportunity to demonstrate how we can help you. Contact us today to learn how we can contribute to your success!

Fertilizer Portfolio

As your local source for dry and liquid fertilizers, we offer a full line of crop nutrient products to keep your crops healthy and help them reach their fullest yield potential. Our crop nutrient lineup includes the products listed below.

Please call your local Beachner Grain Retail Agronomy Center for current prices.

  • Anhydrous Ammonia (82-0-0)
  • Urea (46-0-0)
  • DAP (18-46-0)
  • Potash (0-0-60)
  • 28% UAN (28-0-0)
  • 32% UAN (32-0-0)
  • AMS (21-0-0-24)
  • Pelletized lime
  • Numerous specialty Fertilizers and Soil/Foliar Micronutrient products

Thayer, KS Answer Plot®

The Answer Plot® Program by WinField® United is your year-round resource for local agronomic, seed and crop protection expertise, strategies, and the latest information and data. When attending local Answer Plot® Knowledge Events, you’ll find customized answers that can apply to the challenges you experience in your own fields.

We’re fortunate to have the Thayer Answer Plot® location in our service area. Check back periodically to see when the next Answer Plot® VIP Week will take place at this site. To see data from the National Answer Plot® site, click on the Learn More button below. 


Crop Protection

Whether your pest is a weed, an insect, or a disease, we offer a full line of herbicides, fungicides and insecticides to help protect your crops and investment. Many products are available in bulk and we do offer farm delivery or pickup. We also offer custom ground application services and maintain relationships with aerial applicators, which allows us to service your crops at any stage of growth. 


Precision Ag

Our agronomy team leverages the Climate FieldView technology platform to store data and help farmers identify and better manage the acres that provide the best opportunity for increased profit potential. This comprehensive precision farming solution integrates results from Nutri-Max Grid Soil Sampling and NutriSolutions® Tissue Analysis, along with satellite imagery mapping and harvest data to help create accurate, cost-effective variable rate seeding, fertility and irrigation prescriptions for your farm. We also provide full training on Climate FieldView, so you’ll be able to take advantage of all of the program’s features and benefits on your mobile device or home computer. Here’s more on the precision ag applications we use at Beachner Grain.

Climate FieldView™

  • Keeps all your data in one place with connectivity across many equipment types, makes, models and systems. This enables easy collection, storage and viewing of field data for more of the inputs you manage during the season.
  • Uncovers valuable insights for next season with tools that help you analyze crop performance at the field level or by field zone. Using in-season imagery to identify issues early helps you take action to protect yield.
  • Helps you optimize inputs to maximize yield and profitability on every acre with variable rate seeding prescription tools, nitrogen management tools and fertility scripting tools.

Nutri-Max Grid Soil Sampling

Whether you grow corn, soybeans, wheat or forages, soil nutrient levels are critical to maximizing yields. The first step is grid sampling your fields so you can identify fertility levels and determine what needs to be applied before planting. When you sign up for Beachner Grain’s Nutri-Max program, your soils will be tested and you will receive detailed maps profiling organic matter, nutrient levels and soil pH.

Recommendations and variable rate prescriptions will be set up based on these maps for a 4-year plan. As a bonus, we offer a discount on spreading when we apply your Nutri-Max Variable Rate Prescriptions. Contact your nearest Beachner Grain location for more information!


NutriSolutions® Tissue Analysis

Beachner Grain agronomy professionals can visit your farm at different points during the growing season to take plant tissue samples. NutriSolutions® tissue testing and analysis pinpoints nutrient deficiencies at critical growth stages so we can help farmers make adjustments before yield potential is compromised. We also import NutriSolutions® tissue data into Climate FieldView for a complete review of previous seasons to help you plan for next season.


Agronomy Contacts